Hudco Poly-Grout

High Strength Polymer Grout

HUDCO Poly-Grout is a heavy duty non-shrink epoxy grout for installation of industrial equipment. When prepared and installed as recommended, HUDCO Poly-Grout offers the following advantages:

  • Long service life
  • High resistance to chemical attack
  • High resistance to physical degradation
  • Exceptional dimensional stability
  • Reduced downtime.

Typical Applications

  • Machinery Grout System
  • Concrete Foundation Repair
  • Concrete Floor Repair
  • Concrete Surface Protection

Physical Properties

Gel Time*

1 ½ - 2 hours

Initial Curing Time* (approx. 90%)

24 hours

Final Cure*

5-7 days

Density, lbs/cu ft


Compressive Strength (ASTM-C579, Method B)

14,100 PSI

Modulus of Elasticity (ASTM-C579, Method B)

1,400,000 PSI

Shrinkage (ASTM C-883)


Adhesive Strength:

Concrete to Concrete (ASTM-C882)

Steel to Steel (ASTM-D 1002)


Concrete Fails

3400 PSI

Flexural Strength

6000 PSI

Tensile Strength (ASTM D638)

6800 PSI

Shelf life (unopened), min

2 years

*Gel and cure characteristics were determined at 70° F. As with all epoxy polymers, the speed of gel and cure reactions is faster at higher temperatures - and conversely, slower at lower temperatures.




Curing Agent


Kit Weight

1/3 Cu. Ft.

4.6 lbs.

2.8 lbs.

40 lbs.

47.4 lbs.


Application Instructions

Surface Preparation: 
(A) Surface of substrates must be clean and sound.

(B) Remove grease, oil, or other foreign material with acetone, wire brushing, or sandblasting. Acid etching the surface is acceptable if followed by thorough flushing with clean water.

Mixing: Combine HUDCO Poly-Grout Resin with HUDCO Poly-Grout Curing Agent. Mix thoroughly for several minutes making sure all resin is blended with curing agent. Mix blended resin and curing agent with proper amount of HUDCO Poly-Grout Aggregate until wetted (3-5 minutes). All aggregate must be wet with mixed resin and curing agent. For proper mixing add aggregate to blended resin and curing agent.
Application: Apply product to prepared surface and use supplied tools to achieve desired finish.
Curing: Initial cure will occur in 24 hours. Final cure occurs in 5-7 days.
Safety Precautions
CAUTION: For Industrial Use Only. Keep Away From Children.
HUDCO Poly-Grout Resin contains epoxy resin which is harmful if swallowed. After prolonged exposure it may irritate skin and cause sensitization and/or dermatitis.
HUDCO Poly-Grout Curing Agent contains organic amine compounds which are harmful if swallowed. After prolonged exposure or repeated skin contact it may cause irritation, sensitization and/or dermatitis.
Emergency and First Aid Procedures


  • Eye Contact - Irrigate with clean water for 15 minutes and call a physician.
  • Skin Contact - Wash with soap and water.
  • Inhalation - Remove to fresh air and provide oxygen if necessary.
  • Ingestion - Call a physician at once. Give milk or white of egg beaten with water. Then give a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water to induce vomiting.
Protection Procedures
If used in a confined or an enclosed area, use an air supplied mask or respirator with canister for organic vapors and provide mechanical exhaust ventilation. Use protective gloves, safety glasses, and protective clothing. Avoid contact with skin and clothing. Contaminated clothing should be laundered before wearing again. Contaminated shoes should be thoroughly cleaned before wearing again.
HUDCO Poly-Grout Resin and Curing Agent should be stored in a cool, dry area. Shelf life is a minimum of one year in unopened containers when stored at 70° F – 85° F.

Because the storage, handling and application of these materials are beyond our control, we can accept no liability for the results of their use. Our liability is limited only to replacement of any material proven defective in manufacture. We suggest users try small applications to determine the suitability of the product for their intended use.