Flatback Elbows

Extended Life Flatback Elbows Mean Less Down Time!
HUDCO Industrial Products is the nation's leader in the design and manufacture of flatback elbows for the pulp and paper industry. We are the only manufacturer in North America that has developed a flatback elbow, specifically to meet the requirements of the pulp and paper industry. At HUDCO, we translate our experience into solutions which provide you with:

  • Less equipment down time
  • Longer lasting high wear parts
  • Lower equipment maintenance cost

We are specialists in pulp and paper plant upgrades with ceramic lined transporting systems and parts. We use only the finest ceramics and we manufacture adhesives that are laboratory tested and researched for maximum compatibility with both the anchoring and ceramic surfaces. Our ceramics and adhesives are integrated with HUDCO's comprehensive engineering and consultation service to provide you with wear resistant products that will outlast new replacement parts at a fraction of the cost. The goal of HUDCO Industrial Products is Total Customer Satisfaction.

We guarantee this through a comprehensive integration of quality, Innovation, and Experience to provide:

  • Exclusive Sweep™ Tile design which is proven to reduce tile wear by 67% and eliminates joint erosion at critical points.
  • Extended Life Elbows with reduced turbulence and minimized chip damage as the result of a Long-Sweep radius. Super-Bonding capability of our adhesives which permits lining installation without bolting, welding, or other processes which stress and warp structural integrity of the elbow.
  • Strategically located Inspection Doors to permit visual inspections and quick recovery of obstructing material in the event of blockage.
  • Lifting Padeyes built into the HUDCO Extended Life Elbow to facilitate an easy installation and structural support.

HUDCO Industrial Products is ready to make the same commitment to your company that we have made to numerous other satisfied HUDCO customers. We invite you to contact your HUDCO Industrial Products representative, or come and see us at our manufacturing facility. We welcome the opportunity to show you how we can tailor a solution to meet your most demanding wear-resistant needs.