Cera-Clad Fan Blades

Superior Engineering and Aerospace Technology
HUDCO Industrial Products, Inc. began pioneering the bonding of highly durable ceramics to fan blades in 1979. Since then, we have continually improved the wear-resistant qualities of our fan blades by using superior engineering processes and the latest aerospace technology. Now we proudly introduce our Cera-Clad fan blades- the most durable, cost-efficient blades on the market today.

No Other Blade Offers Our Flawless Wear Surface
Cera-Clad fan blades have been designed to eliminate all potential failure areas - such as bolt holes - found in conventionally engineered ceramic-lined fan blades.

Using an exclusive technique developed by HUDCO engineers, our fan blades have flawless wear surfaces applied under controlled pressure and heat to a continuous aluminum base. As a result, no other fan blade is better equipped to withstand routine wear and tear as well as damage from "tramp" material such as stray rocks or bolts.

And HUDCO's controlled pressure process and specially formulated structural adhesives assure a surface that will wear evenly and is as flexible as traditional steel blades.

HUDCO Provides Comprehensive Fan Services
HUDCO carefully analyzes the environment of each fan before applying the ceramic lining with an adhesive system designed to yield optimum properties at the normal operating temperatures of that system. Further consideration is given to occasional high temperatures which may occur in the system. We also subject each piece we fabricate to a rigorous series of quality-control tests to assure trouble-free performance under operating conditions.

Most HUDCO customers prefer sending us their entire worn fan assembly. In these cases we offer a comprehensive six-step service process:

  1. The fan is disassembled and the spider inspected for structural integrity.
  2. HUDCO Composite 5000 Wear Surfacing is applied to any worn areas of the spider.
  3. The spider is pre-balanced.
  4. Cera-Clad fan and whizzer blades are installed.
  5. The entire fan assembly is precision balanced.
  6. The fan assembly is crated and shipped for delivery on schedule.
Let HUDCO provide unmatched quality and service while eliminating fan rebuilding and balancing problems for your maintenance personnel. We have the experience, equipment, and expertise to keep your fans performing more efficiently for longer periods of time.