Unique Features of the HudcoAir® Conveyor System

Load Cells – The HudcoAir® Conveyor can be modified with load cells to accurately weigh transported product.

Sample Systems – The HudcoAir® is designed to accept product-sampling systems.

Coating – Hudco offers a variety of coating options including epoxy /urethane, powder coating, Zinga* and hot dip galvanizing.

Stainless Steel Construction – For highly corrosive environments, Hudco can manufacture every component of the HudcoAir® from select grades of Stainless Steel.

Fire Detection and Elimination – The HudcoAir® Conveyor can be fitted with fire detection and elimination technology. Once detected, a signal activates a sequence of water or chemical spray to eliminate the potential fire or explosion.  Fire Breaks are also designed into the system at strategic locations.

* Zinga is a one-component anti-corrosion zinc coating system. Its unique formula provides environmentally safe cathodic protection to steel comparable with hot-dip galvanizing.