Case Histories

Case #1: A major (PRB) coal fired power generation facility in the Midwest was faced with replacing a worn out conventional conveyor. The unit was 507 feet long, 42” belt width with a 69’ vertical rise. The design capacity was 750 tons per hour. Spillage and dust from 7 vibrating feeders generated significant housekeeping chores. After a comprehensive cost study, the plant decided to install a HudcoAir® to retrofit their existing conveyor. Hudco Industrial Products, Inc. handled the entire project including installation and start up.

The project was completed on time and the performance of the conveyor has been spectacular. After observing the HudcoAir® perform through one of the coldest winters in 25 years, the plant had Hudco install a second HudcoAir®. These HudcoAir® Conveyors have reliably supported the entire fuel requirements for the 1,100 megawatt plant since 2001 with the following operational improvements.

  • The daily clean up duties have been reduced by over 75%.
  • There are no spillage or dust emissions from any point on the conveyors, including the 14 vibrating feeders.
  • The HudcoAir® Conveyors deliver 1,500-tons per hour using approximately 30% less horsepower per ton. The electricity the plant saves on material handling can now be sold. Every kilowatt saved on power consumption is translated directly into company profits!
  • Eliminated roller inventory
  • Minimized fire and explosion risks
  • Improved workplace safety

Case #2: Dust and spillage problems at a large (PRB) coal fired generation facility in Southeast were improved with the installation of a HudcoAir® Reclaim Conveyor. The 48” wide x 432’ HudcoAir® was installed to replace a conventional system receiving PRB coal from 28 vibratory feeders. The conventional idler supported system required the use of over 800’ of skirt and belt seals that required constant maintenance and replacement. In addition to the HudcoAir® Conveyor, each vibratory feeder was fitted with a WearSpan® Lined CenterLoad® Chute. This arrangement totally eliminated the need for over 800’ of skirts and seals! The Hudco CenterLoad® Chute places the PRB coal onto the center of the belt without dust or spillage. Operational improvements include:

  • Drastic reduction in daily clean-up duties related to the HudcoAir® System
  • Elimination of coal spillage and dust emissions
  • Elimination of seal skirt maintenance and replacement
  • Elimination of idler maintenance and replacement
  • Minimized fire and explosion risks
  • Improved workplace safety