Retrofit Existing Conveyors

The HudcoAir® Conveyor can be retrofitted to existing conveyor structures. Simply remove the troughing idlers and install the HudcoAir® Plenum to the existing structure and reuse the existing drive and return system. The HudcoAir® Retrofit is designed to be completely compatible with CEMA conveyor idlers.

Partial Retrofit
Since the HudcoAir® is CEMA compatible; you can retrofit any section of your existing conveyor. Start at either end or in the middle and install the HudcoAir® where you need it most. Later, the balance of the conveyor can be retrofitted. Standard HudcoAir® plenums are manufactured in lengths up to 20 feet.

One Conveyor Profile
The plenum profile of the HudcoAir® is the same for a new or retrofit conveyor. Competitive retrofit plenums are not designed to support long conveyor runs. Short transfer points may work, but problems will occur if the retrofit is extended for several hundred feet. The HudcoAir® is the most tested and proven plenum available. Remember, we test every unit before shipment, so there is no risk with the HudcoAir®!