Advantages of the HudcoAir® Conveyor

  • Dust-Free Material Conveying
    The top covers on the HudcoAir® Conveyor are sealed to the plenum flange with a rubber gasket, a feature not possible with roller supported conveyors. Material load points are sealed to the top covers thereby eliminating dust at transfers. There is simply no clean up required as a result of spillage and dust emissions from a HudcoAir® Conveyor. 
  • Eliminates Maintenance
    The HudcoAir® Conveyor requires minimum maintenance on the drive mechanisms, head and tail pulleys and return idlers. By eliminating the troughing idlers, maintenance including lubrication and replacement is eliminated.
  • Reduced Energy Requirements
    The HudcoAir® Conveyor operates with much less friction than  roller based conveyors therefore the horsepower per ton of material moved is reduced. Depending on the configuration of the conveyor, power savings of as much as 35% can be expected.
  • Reduced Noise Levels
    Unless you are standing next to the drive assembly or the blower unit, the HudcoAir® is almost completely silent.
  • Inherently Safe
    With the belt enclosed and no moving parts exposed, the HudcoAir® offers unmatched safety in the workplace.
  • Higher Inclination Angles
    By eliminating the “wave” action inherent to roller supported conveyors, materials transported on a HudcoAir® Conveyor are very stable. This characteristic allows the use of higher inclination angles without product rollback. Shorter conveyor lengths can be used to facilitate products lifts. This saves belt length, horsepower and space.
  • Elimination of Tracking Problems
    Tracking of the HudcoAir® Conveyor is principally determined by the loading characteristics. When product is loaded on to the center of the belt, gravity insures proper belt tracking. There are no provisions needed for tracking adjustments on the load sided of the HudcoAir™. If loading problems exist, Hudco will redesign the loading chute or feeder to insure material flow is centered.
  • Reversible Travel
    The HudcoAir® does not suffer from the temperamental influence of rollers so it can easily be reversed with no adverse effects. As stated above, tracking is assured by center loading, therefore the belt configuration is highly symmetrical and subject to being easily reversible.
  • Increased Belt Life
    By reducing the friction and flexing normally experienced with roller based conveyors belt tension is reduced allowing the HudcoAir® to operate with less expensive belts. Less friction and tension translates to longer belt life.
  • Easy Installation
    Fully trained Hudco technicians are available to install the HudcoAir® Conveyor anywhere in the world. We can supply all the engineering, including structural and civil, for your project and install and startup the system.